Friday, April 26, 2013

Karl-Heinz Müller had a crush immediately. When he entered the hall on the ground floor of the house Cumberland for the first time, was clear: "The thing I have to rent" The object of his desire was built in 1912 by Robert Leibnitz as skateboarding palace and stood for the last ten years various interludes empty. Muller came up. Before he called the Bread & Butter fashion fair in life, he learned Ansgar Schmidt and Henning Ziepke know. The two are the founders of the architectural firm S1, with which he has since realized all his projects, as now the new 14-oz-shop on Kurfürstendamm. Initially wanted Müller ceiling rip out, "too much cake" style, but with a construction hard turned out differently: "The guests told: You have to leave everything and just purely just hang clothes" That's it then was with the demolition plans (the stucco even the extended down walls) and the architects began to tease out the patina of the place. Müller also knew this of course the right co-worker: for a mock Luis, who compiled the complete library of the Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna for business. Secondly, "the Radovan", a specialist in Art Deco Paris. Höchstpersönlich he brought, "two 80-kilo car with lights over." Mueller, however, was in England on the way and bought two oversized chandelier that hung in the Ziepke Schmidt and cozy changing rooms, the cabins are from an old post office. "Most important is to use materials that are authentic and can age and of whom one has just not too much respect is." Miller nods: "It's the same with the clothes. We do not want a typical boutique stuff here, so high heels and Co. I just think this store is not posh. Not in the usual sense. "